The Small Earth Institute

The Small Earth Institute is an initiative for whole systems sustainable development and for ecological awareness and transformation in social institutions.  We offer courses, workshops, and retreats aimed at developing ecological appreciation, the understanding of ecological principles, and applications for sustainability in classrooms, schools, and businesses.

We believe in an ecological imperative for individuals and society; that the development of ecological awareness with action is essential in order to protect and preserve the health and viability of the planet we live on and indeed, of ourselves as well.   To this end, we focus on developing ecological understanding through nature experiences, teaching, and initiatives for sustainable development.

Deep time walk, Skagerak International School

Nature activities, team building and small and large presentations are all available for schools and organizations. Longer courses and trainings can also be designed. Retreats, held in the summer, are open to all.

Forest Bathing, Sandefjord Norway
Regenerative Design workshop
at STAMS Montessori school
Presentation at the International
Baccalaureate regional schools conference

Some comments on recent Earth Awareness and Schools Seminars include: 

The activities were quite interesting, thought provoking, and soul searching. There was an excellent balance between the theory and practice, allowing one to easily flow with the information, and not to feel overwhelmed.  (STAMS Montessori, Stavanger)

Most often we move from point to point in our lives(straight hurried lines), not thinking of the more meandering lines of journey that allow us to connect with our surroundings through our senses and gain perspective of our relationships and being.  Katharine is gently inspirational. (Skagerak International School, Sandefjord)

Turen ute i starten av opplegget var som en slags meditasjon med faktabasert informasjon underveis. Denne turen viste også konkrete måter å jobbe sammen med elevene på. (STAMS Montessori, Stavanger)

Det var konkrete taktikker på hvordan en kunne bruke denne tankegangen for å utforske andre løsninger. Øvelsene var kreative og det var inspirerende å gjøre øvelsene sammen. Fikk mange ideer om hvordan vi kan bruke disse øvelsene sammen med elevene. (STAMS Montessori, Stavanger)

In order to help us understand our place on this wonderful planet Katharine takes us on a ‘time walk’ where she introduces to us the length of time the planet has been in existence as we walk through the forest. We become aware of our senses our movement sight smell. We begin to understand all the different phases the Earth is been through……And the we come to our present time……what we are doing to ourselves and the planet….what egotism is doing…but there is hope. Thanks Katharine for a truly inspiring day. (Deep Time Experience,Skoppum, Norway)

I feel that the seminar we had today was very informative and Katharinelooked at everybody so we all felt included. She gave information that is stuck in my head because of the way she spoke. She always kept it interesting. You could easily see that she has a burning fire about life itself in all forms. I would really like for here to come back and visit us again at the new school. (STAMS Montessori, Stavanger)