Inter-subjectivity, reciprocity, and empowerment in the age of the Anthropocene               

Horten, Norway:  June 7 – 9,  2019

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A deep ecology retreat that nurtures our connection and inter-being with the natural world, with guest facilitator Dr. Andreas Weber, award winning biologist and philosopher.

This weekend retreat lasts from Friday evening until Sunday after lunch and guides participants toward rediscovering our inter-connectedness with nature.  We will start and end with the question ‘Who are we?’ and will deepen our understanding and knowing throughout the weekend as we also participate in the spiral of The Work That Reconnects.


andreas weberAndreas Weber, PhD: author of Biology of Wonder, Matter and Desire and Biopoetics. His spring 2019 release, Enlivenment – Toward a Poetics for the Anthropocene, forms the basis for this retreat.  https://biologyofwonder.org/



Martin Lee Mueller, PhD: eco-philosopher, teacher, storyteller and author of Being Salmon, Being Human – Encountering the Wild in Us and Us in the Wild.  https://www.beingsalmonbeinghuman.com/

me at 60 (3)


Katharine Burke, deep ecology practitioner, permaculturist, teacher and facilitator of The Work that Reconnects.



 During the retreat we will: 

 – Discuss and reflect on the mechanisms of separation in our current society, the age of the Anthropocene, and the story we want for the world;

deep time walk vestfold fall 2017 trees– Participate in a deep time walk: 4.6 billion years of Earth’s history represented and narrated in a 4.6 kilometers walk through beautiful Vestfold;

– Connect with our need for healing in our grief for the world;

– Explore re-connection and inter-being through deep ecology and inter-subjectivity;

– Explore connection through the power of story;

– Nurture hope and empowerment for the future; and

– Work in the Spiral of The Work that Reconnects with gratitude, honoring our pain, seeing with new eyes, and going forth in connection to Earth.


100 – 250 British pounds (sliding scale depending on personal economy) includes retreat and meals from Friday evening to Sunday lunch.   

Accommodation: 20, 15 or 10 pounds per night, depending on shared room, teepee, or tent

max20 persons.

14364906_338655916468957_1788435821182793163_nThis retreat will take place in the beautiful Norwegian countryside in June, with almost 24 hours of daylight per day.  Round trip flights from England (London Stansted) are currently only 40-65 pounds depending on departure on Sunday or Monday.  We can provide pick up and delivery to the airport (Oslo Torp) which is just a half hour from the venue.

venue:  https://thegoatsgarden.com/


For more information and booking forms, please contact Katharine Burke at:  dennelillejord@gmail.com

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