A Wedding with Trees: Aug. 7 2021

Norwegian Wood:

A Wedding With Trees

August 7, 2021, at The Small Earth Institute: Horten, Norway (one hour south of Oslo)

 A one day nature connectedness and Work That Reconnects event in which we will:

  • Explore our connections with trees and honor our pain for the plight of the forests and the ecosystems they nourish.
  • Write our vows to trees as we come to experience our love for these great beings.
  • Walk in the forest and experience the deep time history of trees on Earth, immerse ourselves in our relationship with trees, and choose (or be chosen by) a tree to say our vows, making deep connection and commitment to these, and all trees.
  • Celebrate our connection to trees in the evening with a ‘wedding’ celebration feast, tell stories and poems, sing, and dance.

This event is money-free: no monetary payment is required although you may donate if you like to help us continue the work .  We do ask that if you come, you commit yourself to giving this event forward to others, in other forests or woods. Also, please bring celebratory vegan/vegetarian food and drink to share.

For more information, please contact: The Small Earth Institute email: dennelillejord@gmail.com http://www.smallearthinstitute.com  Facebook: The Small Earth Institute  Twitter: @dennelillejord

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