Practicing Thrivability

Michelle Holliday is the author of ‘Age of Thrivability: Vital Perspectives and Practices for a Better World’ She is the host of Thrivable World and has presented in several TEDX conferences (see

Michelle promotes natural systems thinking and reminds us that we are nature, and that by acting as nature we can develop life-aligned and life enhancing relationships in our lives, our work, and our communities.

In this one-day workshop Michelle and Katharine Burke, founder of the Small Earth Institute in Norway, will
• apply natural systems thinking to make sense of the chaos, complexity and potential in the world
• explore our role as humans connected to and interdependent with the ‘more than human world’, and
• provide an introduction to the emerging worldview and practice of “thrivability”.

The event will take place in Sandefjord Norway, close to Torp Airport. It will include two snack/cofffee breaks, healthy lunch, and a dinner following the end of the workshop. The dinner will be in a standup/sit down mingling format, which will create possiblities to meet other particpants and strengthen relationships that will lead to further interconnectedness
Please join us for a provocative, paradigm shifting and fun workshop!

“If humanity is going to make it through, the intention of our work together must be to shape every project, every community as a practice ground for a more thrivable world.” — Michelle Holliday

(includes full day 8 hour workshop, two coffee/tea/snack breaks, lunch, and dinner)
Student/unemployed/freelance: 1500kr
Steady income: 2000kr
Institution/supporting contribution: 2500 kr.

For further information and to register, please contact:
The Small Earth Institute:
Facebook: The Small Earth Institute

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