Spring 2018: Short Workshop on Regenerative Design for Schools

Seeds and Soil:  Regenerative Design for Schools

Seeds and soil are metaphors for potential and place-based growth in this one hour interactive presentation on regenerative design principles in education.  A leap beyond sustainability, regenerative design is a developing practice for the design of social systems and organizations using ecological models.

Regenerative design refers to facilitating the interaction of elements in our environment using nature based practices that contribute to cooperation and promote the life, growth and full potential of an entire ecosystem.

In the face of what will more and more certainly be severe challenges to our ecosystems, our societies and the lives of millions on our planet, what should be our response as schools?  How do we maintain hope and action, while retooling our schools to meet these challenges?

The answer is to learn to think and act in concert with, the very ecosystems we intend to preserve.  Handling seeds and soil, attendees will participate in ideation techniques and in interactive sharing to explore the role of seeds and soil on the planet and to apply this as a design strategy for schools.

The presentation will introduce participants to the emergent principle in nature and its application to social interaction and growth. In addition, participants will learn practical principles of regenerative system design and apply these to situations in schools or other social structures.  In the final section of the presentation, participants apply the new schema to a situation of their own in their own schools.

In this way participants will leave the presentation with new way of thinking about ecological design and growth, a model for regenerative design in practice, and concrete place based solutions to apply in their own school.

This short workshop is free to schools- please contact Katharine Burke, email for more information.

REAP-regenerative ecology as pedagogy

I record my thoughts on education, permaculture and regenerative design on the wordpress blog called REAP regenerative ecology as pedagogy.   I’m not sure the subtitle makes great sense, but I liked the acronym enough to keep it.   My writing ranges from ranting to philosophy to rambling to, perhaps, some genuine insight.  Feel free to follow me to get updates!




Wellness Weekend

The Wellness Weekend is a two and a half day wellness experience from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.  It is a combination of a relaxing retreat in a 1920’s country home, and a variety of deep ecological and wellness activities that bring us into harmony with ourselves and our Earth.  Designed for a group of 4-8 people in 2-4 double rooms, the weekend is open to couples, friends, or groups who are willing to share a room and a bathroom.katharine stavrinou - House50 (1).jpg

In this warm and intimate atmosphere, we will participate in a variety of Earth centered wellness activities – a discussion of modern day separation and ways to re-unite with our own natures and the nature around us, a deep time walk, movement activities for wellness, exploring sound as hot tub and hammockvibration, meditation in and with nature, intentional nature experiences and a nature mandala. There will also be time for a soak in the hot tub, visits with curious and bouncy baby goats, walks on the grounds or quiet time. All meals, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, are included and will be a sampling of rich and abundant tasty and healing vegan organic food, including a variety of raw room   living room

The Wellness Weekend focuses on the wholeness that comes from connection to nature and to an understanding of the inter-connectedness  of life on Earth, a concept that we call ‘Earthfulness’.    Included in the weekend is the Deep Time Walk, a 4.6 kilometer narrated walk that takes the participants back through time and traces the history of Earth and the origins of life.    Participants will have an experience with Forest Bathing in a beautiful beech forest and climb to the top of a local stone age fort.  adalsborgen forest.jpg  view from top of adalsborgen.jpg


To book or for more information:  please email