Initiatives for Businesses

Eco Awareness for Team Building and Sustainability

This course will build ecological awareness while developing stronger teams and considering practical applications of sustainable practice.  This is a one day seminar for small businesses or small departments within organizations.  Designed for six to 12 persons, the course can be adapted down to four or five or up to fifteen.  14364906_338655916468957_1788435821182793163_nThe seminar is held at a permaculture site in Skoppum, in central Vestfold county, surrounded by rolling countryside, nature paths, woods, ancient cliffs, birch forests, and  stone age settlements.  13938494_317111378623411_158155131236352730_nThe seminar is all day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Lunch and two snack breaks are included.

The purpose of the seminar is to connect to a wider ecological identity and to then use this awareness to build relationships as well as strategies and project development in your business.  The aim is to connect ecological and regenerative design principles with team development, strategy and project planning.  At its core, we believe that re-connection at the level of nature will also develop sustainable practices in our personal interactions and our design processes.

The seminar includes sessions on Identity of the Self and the Business, a deep time walk that also serves for team building activities, and sessions on Nature as Mentor, Group Dynamics,  Thinking like an Ecosystem and Regenerative Principles for Application in Business.  Time is included for break-out and for team members to make applications to their own situations as well as to business strategies or projects. .  

Although the seminar is best held in Skoppum to take advantage of the natural surroundings, it can also be adapted to your own business premises, as long as there is access to large areas of nature nearby.  The one day seminar can be augmented with further sessions in Regenerative Principles for strategy and planning as desired.

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