Deep Time Walk

A Deep Time Walk is a way to experience our connection to the Earth and its history through the metaphor of walking through time. We will walk 4.6 kilometers through the countryside, along cliff faces and waterways and through forests in Vestfold as we contemplate the 4.6 billion years of Earth’s history and the development of life. view from top of adalsborgen Along the way, we will take time for ‘forest bathing’ in an ancient birch forest, and will end at the top of ‘Adalsborgen’, a historic site of human settlement with a view over Horten and the sea. When we return we will have a healthy, natural, and locally sourced lunch and discussion.

DeepTimeWalk forest bathing azadeh

The Deep Time Walk is narrated in English with translation available in Norwegian. The narration follows the geological and biological development of Earth, providing a deep meditation on Earth and our connection to it. At the same time, we will narrate some of the unique geology and human history of Vestfold. We can provide other translations as well- let us know if you would like this.

This walk is part of our Wellness Weekend but is presented separately for those who live locally or don’t want to overnight.  The Deep Time Walk is always free, but we do ask you to consider a donation for the lunch.  The section on Events in the menu above will include dates for upcoming Deep Time Walks.
max. number of participants: 20