Past Events

Past events are listed here.  If you would like to request an event in a private forum, you are welcome to do so.  Please contact Katharine Burke,  email:   tel. (47)41231674    Katharine is available for events throughout Norway and in Europe.  

Summer 2019

July 2019 David Abram in Norway

07, 08, 09 June 2019 Enlivenment:  Towards a Poetics for the Anthropocene, with Andreas Weber

Three-day retreat with guest Andreas Weber.  100- 250 pounds sliding scale.  

Spring 2019

Presentation at the Montessori Schools Conference, Oslo, Norway

Private event for the Norwegian Montessori Schools Conference

12 March 2019:  Seeds and Soil- Storywalk and workshop at Sletta Permaculture, Nessoden. 

Private event for the Sletta Permaculture course.

Fall 2018

06 October 2018  Presentation at the International Baccalaureate Regional Conference: Regenerative Design for Emergent Schools

Private event for the International Baccalaureate Conference.

30  September 2018 Deep Time Walk for Øko-uke (eco-week) 

A deep time walk from our home in Vestfold up to Adalsborgen. Lunch served afterward, paid on a gift basis (pay as you like).

Events:  Summer 2018

14 July 2018  Presentation at the Nordic Permaculture Festival: Jondal, Norway

An Interactive Story:  The Tale of the Great Guardians and the Hidden Heroes.  In this interactive story, we explore the wonder of Earth’s inter-connectedness through an interactive story, meeting the Great Earth Guardians of Air, Rock, Water, Soil and Tree and the tiny microbial and fungal heroes that aid them in their work.

Events:  Spring 2018

April 24th, 2018  Tools for Regenerative Design:  Regenerative Design part 2: SoCentral, Oslo, Norway.  Event is free.

This is the second part of a series on regenerative Design that is held at SoCentral, Oslo under the auspices of the Biomimicry Institute, Norway.  It is not necessary to have attended the first session in order to attend this one.

In this session, we will review the general principles of regenerative design, look in more depth at the idea of emergence, and discover tools we can use for the regenerative design of social systems.  During this part of the evening, we will work with seeds and soil to understand the principles of emergence in regenerative systems, and plant seeds to take home.

Then, we will introduce tools for regenerative design, many of them from the permaculture movement, and look at how they can be applied to social systems.   Finally, all participants will receive a set of ‘Emergency’ playing cards, visual tools for remembering and applying these regenerative principles.  We will finish the evening ‘playing cards’ with these tools, applying the principles first to some scenarios, and then choosing situations of our own.   Participants are welcome to take home their planted seeds as well as the ‘Emergency’ playing cards.   Come and play while learning about regenerative design!

time:  5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

April 19, 2018  Seeds and Soil: Vintage Cafe, Sandefjord, Norway-  Free Entrance

Spring is finally coming, and it is time to witness the miracles of growth and regeneration on the land and in our gardens.

In this talk we will explore the wonderful world of seeds and soil, the potentials, properties and interaction between them, and the magic of emergence in nature.

After choosing some seeds and a small sample of soil, participants will reflect on and renew their appreciation for our inter-relatedness with the rest of the planet. Then, we will plant seeds to take home, and watch them grow!

Presenter: Katharine Burke is a teacher and permaculture gardener; her passions are deep ecology and Earth appreciation. She lives on a small organic farm in Skoppum with her husband, cat and four lovely goats.

time:  6:00 pm  The talk is presented in English

April 13, 2018  Deep Time Walk :  Vestfold University College

This deep time walk is for members of the Vestfold University College course in Environmental Education.   We will walk to the top of Adalsborgen if enough snow has melted; otherwise, we will walk at Karljohannsvern in Horten.

Spring 2018:  Workshops on Seeds and Soil

Offered at various locations from March through May 2018.  If you are interested in hosting this workshop at your school or event, please contact Katharine Burke email   or call (47)41231674.  This event is free for schools.

Deep Time Walk

May 4:  The Goats’ Garden  Skoppum Norway- free  Register by April 27, 2018

Events scheduled for Autumn 2017 (prices follow)

August 10:  Deep Time Walk – Skagerak International School, Sandefjord, Norway

August 25:  Teacher Seminar-  Stavanger Montessori School, Stavanger Norway

Oct: 13, 14, 15    Wellness Weekend , The Goats’ Garden, Skoppum, Norway.  

What a fantastic wellness event with a wonderful group of people!

The magic of a dancing leaf:

A huge ant hill:  deep time walk vestfold fall 2017 ant hill

and some more photos:

October 22   Deep Time Walk with Sensory Integration Activities (public) The Goats’ Garden, Skoppum Norway

November 10, 11, 12:  Wellness weekend The Goats’ Garden, Skoppum Vestfold

November 24:  Teacher Seminar-  The Goats’ Garden, Skoppum, Vestfold

Other events can be scheduled on request:  please contact Katharine at

Prices:  Autumn 2017

Public Deep Time Walks–  free with donation for lunch

Wellness weekend:  Including 2 nights accommodation, all meals and wellness activities: 1200 -2000 Norwegian kroner sliding scale based on participants’ own estimation of financial ability, or as able, and other exchange accepted.  Some additional activities offered by other practitioners in connection with a wellness weekend may carry an extra charge- these are optional and will be advertised in advance.

price for day only on the wellness weekend:  450 – 650 kroner on a sliding scale determined by participants based on economic ability, or as able, and other exchange accepted.

Teacher Seminar:  450- 750 kroner full day seminar including two snacks and lunch, or as able.  Sliding scale based on employment and size of the school.

To book or for more information please contact: