Deep Ecology Wellness Retreat

deep time walk vestfold fall 2017 trees greenHorten, Norway:  June 8,9,10 2018 

A wellness retreat that nurtures our connection and inter-being with the natural world.   Based on Deep Ecology and The Work that Reconnects

This weekend retreat lasts from Friday evening until Sunday after lunch and guides participants toward wellness and wholeness though rediscovering our inter-connectedness with nature.  We will start and end with the question ‘who are we?’ and will deepen our understanding and knowing throughout the weekend as we also participate in the spiral of The Work That Reconnects.


Katharine Burke, deep ecology practitioner, teacher and facilitator and

Martin Lee Mueller, eco-philosopher, teacher, storyteller and author of ‘Being Salmon, Being Human – Encountering the Wild in Us and Us in the Wild’ 

 During the retreat we will:

-Discuss and reflect on the mechanisms of separation in our current society, and the story we want for the world

-Participate in a deep time walk: 4.6 billion years of Earth’s history represented and narrated in a 4.6 kilometers walk through beautiful Vestfold.

DeepTimeWalk forest bathing azadeh-practice forest bathing in an ancient beech forest

-Connect with our need for healing in our grief for the world

-Explore reconnection and inter-being through our senses and imagination (nature mentoring)

-Participate in laughter, sounding and musical inter-relationship

-Explore connection through the power of story

-Celebrate wholeness and nurture hope and empowerment for the future

– work in the Spiral of The Work that Reconnects with gratitude, honoring our pain, seeing with new eyes, and going forth in strength and connection to Earth


100 – 250 British pounds  (sliding scale depending on personal economy)  includes retreat and meals from Friday evening to Sunday lunch.   

Accommodation:                                                                                                                               20 pounds per night in a room with two                                                                                       15 pounds per night in a room with 3                                                                                             10 pounds  per night in annex or tent- bedding and toiletries included.                            max. 15 persons.


This retreat will take place in the beautiful Norwegian countryside in June, with almost 24 hours of daylight per day.  Round trip flights from England (London Stansted) are currently only 40-65 pounds depending on departure on Sunday or Monday.  We can provide pick up and delivery to the airport (Olso Torp) which is just a half hour from the venue. Please contact us if you would like a proposed schedule of events over the weekend.


About the facilitators:  

Martin Lee Mueller:  


  • “Here is a philosopher who has learned to think not only with his head but with his whole body. A keenly aware human animal, Martin Mueller dreams himself salmon flesh. Gill slits open along his neck as he glides between mountain streams and the broad ocean currents. His scales glint and ripple in the moonlight, their reflections posing ever more penetrating questions for our species. This is a game-changing culture-shifting book, ethical and eloquent, opening the way toward a more mature natural science—one that’s oriented by our own creaturely participation and rapport with the rest of the biosphere.”—David Abram, author of The Spell of the Sensuous and Becoming Animal; director, Alliance for Wild Ethics 
  • “What if looking at a salmon brought you into deep meditation, and at the end of that meditation you realized that you were looking at yourself, that the salmon was you, you were the salmon, and all is one? That realization is the greatest story on Earth. This book is that crucial meditation.”—Carl Safina, author of Song for the Blue Ocean and The View from Lazy Point
  • “We are slowly realizing—in our dramatic cultural epoch—that dualism has come to an end. Humans do not stand above the Earth; we are but one of its ways of imagining itself. The thinking and feeling of the coming era won’t distinguish between imagination, matter, theory, and desire. Martin Lee Mueller’s book is one of the first works to radically imagine this new world that is dawning. He shows that reality is a weaving of yearning bodies expressive of innumerable existential stories. Here, outwardness and interiority, humans and salmons, physical descriptions, historiography, and memoir are continuously intertwining. They are equally important aspects of a multifaceted whole that calls for scientific descriptions as well as for personal expressions. Mueller’s work is a fine example of the new renaissance slowly gaining momentum, in which we understand our humanness as one strand of the world’s manifold desire to become.”—Andreas Weber, author of Matter and Desire and Biology of Wonder

A trailer from Martin’s current story telling project:  

clip of salmon story telling

Katharine Burke:  

  • me at 60 (3)‘In order to help us understand our place on this wonderful planet Katharine takes us on a ‘time walk’ where she introduces to us the length of time the planet has been in existence as we walk through the forest. We become aware of our senses our movement sight smell. We begin to understand all the different phases the Earth is been through……And the we come to our present time……what we are doing to ourselves and the planet….what egotism is doing…but there is hope. Thanks Katharine for a truly inspiring day. – Lizz Daniels, Artist, Sandefjord Norway
  • Most often we move from point to point in our lives(straight hurried lines), not thinking of the more meandering lines of journey that allow us to connect with our surroundings through our senses and gain perspective of our relationships and being.  Katharine is gently inspirational. – Lesley Schafer, teacher, Skagerak International School



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